ICC Blackpool – 2019

Well that is it on 21st July Gemstone ended their 3rd season of competitions attending ICC for the first time. Each team did outstanding in such talented and large categories. It is crazy to think we have only being going for 3 years and can achieve results like this at such a difficult competition.

Tiny Pom – 4th Place

Mini Pom -6th Place

Youth Pom – 5th Place

Junior Pom – 3rd Place & a bid to battle of the champions 2020!

Senior Pom- 4th Place

We also had Junior soloist Ella 1st place and Youth soloist Freya 4th Place!

We are now getting ready for our 4th season starting in September. If you fancy joining our teams for next year then contact us today!


End Of Season 3 – 2019

Saturday 15th June all our dancers, families and friends got together to celebrated the end of our third season. We still had one more competition to go but we looked back on what we had achieved this year. Head coach Lydia went on to tell everyone how fantastic this season had been. Gemstone have finally moved into a fabulous new dance studio they now call home and in just 4 competitions the club had gained 8 x 1st Place trophies, 7 x 2nd Place trophies & 3 x 3rd place trophies.

Each team performed the routines for everyone and the awards began. Lots of trophies and medals were handed out to dancers for their commitment and hard work. The main award was Gemstone cheerleader of the year… and the 2019 winner was… Millie Poole from our Youth & Junior pom dance teams.

ICE Northern Frostbite 2019

On 2nd & 3rd February 2019 our Tiny, Mini , Junior & Senior pom dance teams attend the first competition of 2019 and what a fantastic weekend for Gemstone. Each team competed in large categories and not a single squad placed below 2nd!!

Tiny Pom – 2nd place

Mini Pom – 1st Place

Junior Pom- 2nd Place

Senior Pom – 2nd Place

Also massive well done to Ella & Freya who won bids to ICE Championships with their 1st place solo performances. We also had Ella & Mollie who gained 1st Place for their duo dance.

New Gym Open Day

Saturday 29th September 2018.

Its the day everybody was so excited for as the athletes finally got to see what the coaching team had been working on for the past 12 weeks. THE NEW HOME!

It was a fabulous afternoon as the athletes performed their new routines , had a good disco and cake of course to open the new gym.

Here’s to the start of season 3 of gemstone and hopefully plenty happy memories in Leigh Spinners.



If you wish to join Gemstone Cheer & Dance 

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End Of Season 2 Awards Night.

Saturday 30th June at Leigh Miners.

All our competition pom dancers got together with family and friends to celebrate the end of season 2.

The dancers received individual awards for different things they had done through the season.The big award all the dancers had been working so hard to win was Gemstone Cheerleader of the Year.

The dancer that won this had gone above and beyond for both her squad and other squads in gemstone. Even helping to coach new starters each week to.


and the good news did not stop there…Head Coach Lydia went on to explain how proud she was of each and every dancer and through the tears she went on to thank the parents for all their hard work too.

She then announced that thanks to everyone for their fundraising and advertisement that Gemstone will be moving into their own Dance Gym for Season 3!!!

It certainly was a night to remember and a great end to the season. If you wish for more information on how to join us ahead of Season 3 then contact us now.